Online Slots Action at CryptoThrills Casino

Step inside your average land-based casino and you’ll be met by a familiar sound. Namely, the sound of coins clattering into metal buckets. An inspiring sound to be sure, but altogether unnecessary when it comes to winning with online slots. At CryptoThrills Casino we have real money video slots; many of them. Though, what our selection doesn’t include is the sound of coins clattering into a bucket. Not because the casino games don’t pay out, but rather because our full selection of slots online supports cryptocurrency.
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin doesn’t clatter, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable. In fact, it is arguably more valuable than traditional currency. Either way, we have all the online slots for real money you could ask for, and we are happy to let you spin the reels on PC or mobile, as you prefer.

Online Slots for everyone

Let’s face it, there are two things that make online slots appealing. The chance to win a big stack of cash, and, of course, the fun themes. All of CryptoThrills casino games give you the chance to win a big stack of cash, so in our opinion it really comes down to the themes.
We’ve arranged all our online slots for real money games into convenient categories, so no matter what theme you feel like, you can jump straight to the appropriate section. Feel like spinning the reels with a few friendly animals? Check out the animal’s category. More in the mood to rub shoulders with Cleopatra? You might want to go straight to the Egyptian theme.

You get the idea. The point is that when it comes to slots online, we’re all about convenience, all about quality, and all about cryptocurrency.

Some of our Online Slots Favorites

We all have our personal preferences, but we’d like to shine a light on some of our favorite reel spinners. Be sure to check out these slots online:

  • Return of Ra
  • Miami Dice
  • Real Xtreme
  • Peek Physique
  • Trick or Treat
  • Dead Beats
  • 7 Chakras
  • Wild Fishing
  • Age of Spartans

Top Reel Spinning Tips

Playing online video slots isn’t exactly demanding, but it does pay to know what you’re doing. So here is a quick breakdown of how reel spinning works, and what it is that is going to get you the biggest payouts.

  • Auto-Spin – The auto-spin feature is exactly what it sounds like. You can set the game to automatically spin, saving you having to constantly tap the ‘spin’ button. Additional options let you determine how many spins should be taken, and under what circumstances the auto-spin features should pause.
  • Bonuses – Bonuses are, of course, what you’re doing your best to try and grab. Generally, Scatter or Bonus Symbols will trigger a bonus sequence.
  • RTP – Return To Player indicates the theoretical amount that a game will give back over time. The higher the RTP, the better.
  • Wild – A Wild symbol will substitute for any other symbol, increasing the chances of matches being created.
  • Multiplier – Multipliers multiply payouts by a specific factor, and are used during gameplay, or during special Bonus sequences. 10x would indicate that a payout is being multiplied by a factor of 10.

Ready to win? Play our online slots for real money now!