Enjoy Online Keno at CryptoThrills Casino

Legend has it that The Great Wall of China was built on the back of Keno. Apparently funds for building the enormous wall were running low, and in an effort to keep the project going Keno was invented. Proceeds from the game were funneled right back into the construction project, meaning that if it wasn’t for this simple game, we wouldn’t have one of the Wonders of The World. We also wouldn’t have online Keno one of our casino games!

This story may or may not be true, but one thing is for sure; the ancient Chinese certainly weren’t playing with cryptocurrency. You are, however, which is exactly why you’ve come to CryptoThrills Casino. Right? No promises we’ll make a Great Wall with your Bitcoin, but we’ll certainly pay you out big if manage to hit a jackpot playing online Keno for money!

Like the Lottery only Better!

Who doesn’t enjoy playing the national lottery? There is, after all, a chance to win more money than you could spend in your life. Though, there is also that little matter of overcoming insane odds. Why not rather play online Keno, enjoy the same fun gameplay, but drastically increase the chances of walking away with some cash?

Playing Keno online is about as simple as casino games get, strikingly similar to the national lottery. But payouts are made for every number that matches, not just if all the numbers match. Plus, the more matches achieved, the higher the overall payout. Depending, of course, on the original bets that were made.

Even better is that you can now also bet and win cryptocurrency when you play online Keno. At CryptoThrills Casino we are proud to accept bets in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Our payouts are also made in cryptocurrency, making us one of the few gambling sites that is specifically designed for those that prefer digital currencies.

How Does Online Keno Work?

Know how the national lottery works? That is basically how online Keno works. But in this case the odds of winning are drastically higher. The process is simple; you choose numbers, random numbers are then drawn, and if the drawn numbers match the ones you chose; payouts.

The biggest difference here is that you decide on the rules. Keno is based around risk versus reward, mainly because you can choose as many numbers as you want. The less numbers you choose, the bigger the payouts made if those numbers do come up. You can always take more numbers, but the less the payouts for each that matches.

It is all up to you to decide how to approach the game, which is exactly what makes it so fun. Either way, we’ll always pay in cryptocurrency, no matter how you decide to play Keno for money.

Get Lucky with Online Keno for Money

Online Keno is certainly a game of luck, of that there is no question. No matter how the draw goes, there is nothing that you can do to change the outcome.

But then games of luck are what most gambling is all about, especially Keno online. So, cross your fingers, choose your numbers, and enjoy your dance with luck. At CryptoThrills we are happy to have you, and hope that you win big!